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‘Inspired by a unique building and architectural monument – Cardiff’s Temple of Peace – ‘A New Mecca’ is an ongoing city-wide participatory project engaging communities across Cardiff in a series of artist-led workshops, screenings, walks, talks, sung works, installations, sharings and community creations.

The project was launched in September 2018. It’s first phase culminated in a performance presentation consisting of invited responses from artists/practitioners, and newly composed sung works by Helen Chadwick, to mark the 80thanniversary of the Temple’s founding in November 2018. We invited a community choir, a civil servant, a composer, an academic, a Unitarian minister, a colonial historian, an activist and artists to help us create a performative work exploring the Temple’s 80-year archive.’

LUMIN assisted in a screenprinting workshop with the local community of Riverside & Grangetown, creating prints of typographical designs created by Sadia Pineda Hameed. LUMIN also facilitated a dialogue-based book-making workshop including instructions on folding, hand-stitching and finishing books whilst having conversations around peace-building on a local level.

For the performance event, LUMIN created a poetic performance written by Beau Beakhouse and performed as a duo, with accompanying sound experimentation and a floor installation responding to the crypt beneath the Temple of Peace. LUMIN also created the introductory film piece about the process of archiving; paralleling ‘the golden key’ used to open the Temple on its inaugaration with Maya Deren film resources. LUMIN finally created accompanying film pieces for artist/minister Stephen Lingwood’s performance on scripture, and for Abu Bakr’s performance on colonial impacts featuring a film that imagines the interior of the building collapsing.

Featured artists/collaborators:
LUMIN, Beau W Beakhouse, Sadia Pineda Hameed, Gentle/Radical, Rabab Ghazoul, Owen Griffiths, Radha Patel, Stephen Lingwood, Abu Bakr

Commissioned by Gentle/Radical; funded by Arts Council Wales
September 2018 - present