LUMIN Journal nine-issue subscription
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Save 20% with a nine-issue subscription to LUMIN Journal, LUMIN's regular publication. A space for new and established artists, writers and cultural practitioners; supporting work that is radical, personal and experimental.
Your subscription will start from the forthcoming issue (4)* and will include eight further issues as they are released. Every subscriber also receives a free LUMIN badge.

Issue 4 release Winter 2021
Issue 5 release Summer 2022
Issue 6 release Winter 2022
Issue 7 release Summer 2023
Issue 8 release Winter 2023
Issue 9 release Summer 2024
Issue 10 release Winter 2024
Issue 11 release Summer 2025
Issue 12 release Winter 2025

*If you would like start your subscription from issue 5 onwards, please leave a note when you checkout.

(£50.40 + postage)