LUMIN currently functions as a collaboration between artists Beau W. Beakhouse & Sadia Pineda Hameed. LUMIN have undertaken a number of projects working collaboratively, in both installations and residencies within galleries, and projects outside them. The artists often look to transform and liberate ideas of space; to create space that is radical, revolutionary, empathetic & open. They work with installation, text, video, performance and craft, alongside engaging in projects connected to physical space, community & politics. 

Past residencies have focused on creating spaces open to avant-garde art & spirituality, as well as performances exploring deconstruction & post-coloniality.
LUMIN is available for workshops, collaborations, talks and residency projects; contact us at


Regaining Our Collective Awareness

Commissioned by Literature Wales

WARP Library Dialogue︎
Supported by g39, Cardiff

In collaboration/dialogue with Where I’m Coming From and Gentle/Radical; supported by SHIFT, Cardiff

A New Mecca︎

As part of Gentle/Radical‘s ongoing A New Mecca project; commissioned by Gentle/Radical, funded by the Arts Council Wales

Shed Talks︎

In collaboration with Gentle/Radical; commissioned by The National Trust, for the Eisteddfod 2018; supported by Bay Arts, Cardiff

LUMIN Takeover at Radio Platfform

Supported by the Wales Millennium Centre

LUMIN Library︎

Supported by Arcadecardiff as part of its Three Doors Up Project Space, supporting new initiatives by emerging artists and artist-led collectives