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LUMIN have initiated or taken part in residencies, installations, performances, print projects, and consultation work. They engage with themes of anti-colonialism, collectivity, labour, alternative pedagogy, collectivity, text and print, as well as projects connected to archives, community and theory. Selected projects below.

Casgleb, Platfform 2

As part of Casgleb, LUMIN are researching ideas and structures of autonomy, exploring what an autonomous space in the arts (and for creating together) is, and how autonomy relates to the different areas of their practice. LUMIN are approaching autonomy as a means of finding a way beyond oppressive systems past and present.

Casgleb is a year-long research and development project partnered with Peak Cymru and Transport for Wales, based at Abergavenny train station. Supported by the Arts Council of Wales, Connect and Flourish. 2022 - present

LOCAL 37 x Solstice Radio 

This 24 hour iteration of Local 37 continuously transmit art, labour, activism, social change, dialogue, union organising, and an everyday ambience from another reality across the Summer Solstice.

With contributions from: Agnes Essonti Luque + Mango & Okra, Beau W Beakhouse, Blaxtarlines (Hassan Issah), Diego Gutierrez Valladares, Farah Allibhai, Fern Thomas, Harun Morrison, Khairani Barokka, Lauren Craig, Marlo De Lara, Marva Jackson Lord, Mort Drew, Neufunkaum, Sadia Pineda Hameed, Sadia Rahman, Shenece Oretha, Siegrun Salmanian, TAKEAWAY (Kelly Best, Simon Matthew), Umulkhayr Mohamed, Volery (Tsering Frykman-Glen, Alfred Marasigan)

Plus: Roshni Kavate, Lizette Nin, Lisa Pieplow, Minami Saeki, Lisa Krigel, Llŷr Gwyn Lewis, Emma Daman Thomas, EH Pitt, Herbivore, Banana Tsuushin, Sion Trefor, D'Andrea Pelletier and Selvaggia Cataldi, কে বা কাহারা / Ke ba kahara, Rasel Chowdhury, Samiul Sabbir Islam, Nabil Shahidi, Rhodri Davies, E. T. Mensah, Pearl Mmatara Abingya, Kwasi Ohene Ayeh, Nuna Adisenu-Doe, Tracy Naa Koshie Thompson, Rosemary Esinam Damalie, Ibrahim Mahama, Ato Annan, Isaac Ato Jackson, Ajo Kisser, Gershon Gidisu, Megborna, Anim Richard, Natalie Hyacinth and Shanti Suki and more.

Supported by Made in Roath. June 2022


LUMIN’s syllabus, Recovering Our Collective Awareness. A non-commital, remote radical syllabus via email and post - including printed materials, a reader-binding kit, and a mutual aid fund. This syllabus aims to encourage working together without hierarchy, to support creative responses and enable the use of collective resources and shared knowledges. 

Funded by Literature Wales and Civic Square Dream Fund. Developed at Unidee Groundwork for an Embedded Practice residency, Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto. December 2020


A three-part sound work with curated contributions from Gantala Press, Jade Montserrat, Hanan Issa invited to respond by the Welsh Arts Anti Racist Union (WAARU), Josèfa Ntjam and Isola Tong.

Local 37 (listen here) is a fictional underground radio station transmitting dialogue and strategies for the artist as worker. Inspired by the Filipino Labour Union founded in the US in 1933, ‘Local 37’, and Carlos Bulosan’s short text ‘The Writer as Worker’, this radio series inhabits the intersections of creation, transmission, and anti-colonial and working-class collectivisation. Local 37 is a manifesto for the artist, building ‘a world of mutual cooperation, mutual protection, mutual love.

Exhibited online with MOSTYN. Broadcast on LUMIN RADIO. December 2020


Taking inspiration from underground radio, LUMIN RADIO is a DIY space distributing radical sounds from the past and present. 

LUMIN RADIO has been through various iterations, beginning as monthly mixtapes before becoming a hosted experimental music and arts show broadcast from Radio Platfform in Cardiff Bay. LUMIN RADIO is now a space to explore distribution through sound. Past shows can be found on our MixCloud︎


LUMIN’s fourth curated exhibition. Bringing together three BME-led arts collectives in Cardiff (Where I’m Coming From, Gentle/Radical and LUMIN), Communion explored allyship, belonging, ancestry, communication, radical community and spirituality. Curation as care and the liberation of space and voice for socially-led arts groups were central to the exhibition, which involved collaborative working from planning to install. Communion encouraged artists to transition to new mediums and to produce cross-disciplinary works including installation, performance, film and more. Works by Radha Patel, Umulkhayr Mohamed, Stephen Lingwood, Rabab Ghazoul, Gentle/Radical, Where I’m Coming From, Hanan Issa, Durre Shahwar, Taylor Edmonds and Jaffrin Khan.
Curatorial residency with SHIFT. March 2019


A New Mecca was a performative work exploring the Temple of Peace’s 80-year archive. In addition to contributing film, sound and performance work to the performance event individually as artists (see and, LUMIN assisted in a screenprinting workshop with the local community of Riverside & Grangetown. LUMIN created prints of typographical designs, disseminated via neighbour’s windows and bedroom walls. LUMIN also facilitated a dialogue-based book-making workshop including instructions on folding, hand-stitching and finishing books whilst having conversations around peace-building on a local level.

Commissioned by Gentle/Radical, funded by the Arts Council of Wales. September 2018


Residency at arts space Three Doors Up, as part of Arcade Cardiff’s research and development scheme. LUMIN Library was created as a means to defamiliarise the ‘creative space’ known to Cardiff at the time; to be used freely as a resource, workshop or lounge. Alternative and non-canon books were donated by artists from Cardiff, becoming Wales’ first radical reading room for literature, art, philosophy and zines. The space was incorporated into gallery exhibitions, used to host poetry readings and an underground writers’ workshop, and hosted LUMIN’s first curated exhibitions. An experiment into the juxtaposition of democratised space and white walls.

5 month residency with Three Doors Up / Arcade Cardiff (now Arcade-Campfa). 2018