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LUMIN DIY/indie press began with LUMIN Journal 1, used as a means of breaking into our art-school-centric local arts scene. It also happened to be Cardiff’s only journal for cross-disciplinary arts. Since then, we’ve continued LUMIN Journal creating a space for experimental + marginalised artists in Wales and wider, publishing poetry chapbooks and art pamphlets, and working with marginalised communities to create publications. 

LUMIN works through curation + dialogue. We work with marginalised artists and writers (+ those excluded from the arts scene) collaboratively, forming ongoing relationships; from initial discussions, through development and creation, and on towards exhibitions + future works.

All our publications except LUMIN Journal are edited, designed, typeset, sourced, printed, justified, cut, hand-folded, hand-stitched with thread or wire, by Sadia + Beau.  LUMIN Journal is edited, designed and typeset by Sadia + Beau.

LUMIN Journal 1 was funded through Indiegogo. LUMIN Journal 2 was funded by Rabble Studios through the Ymlaen! scheme. LUMIN Journal 3 + 4 will be funded by the Welsh Books Council.

From the forthcoming issue (3) of LUMIN Journal, we will be paying contributing artists/writers. All other LUMIN publications give 35% to the artist/writer, and the rest goes towards costs and future publications.


We offer print + design services for posters and publications; from proof-reading, editing, graphic design and typesetting - to printing, cutting and binding (wire, thread stitch, sewing machine, wiro, perfect-bound). We also offer advice on independent publishing. Email us at using the subject line PRINT SERVICES with relevant enquiries, for publication or art commissions involving print, incl. zine + artist book making workshops.