WICF Anniversary Anthology 2019
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‘Over the past few years, ‘Where I’m Coming From’ has established itself as one of the leading events on the Welsh literary scene, dedicated to supporting new writers and ‘passing the mic’. Now they bring the energy, diversity and craft of the live stage to the page with this anthology. We are invited to pause and examine everyday objects and experiences as startling connections emerge between times, places and languages.’ -- Darren Chetty.

Edited by Hanan Issa and Durre Shahwar. Published by and in collaboration with LUMIN. Featuring works by Grug Muse, Jannat Ahmed, Hammad Rind, Taz Rahman, Ansa Memon, Dami ‘TheGannette’ Okhiria, Gordon Anderson, Gosia Buzzanca, Athika Ahmed, Suryatapa Mukherjee, Mariyah Zaman, Nick Yeo, Zain Amir, Jxffrin, Aliya Kaaba, Radha Patel, Umulkhayr Mohamed, Des Mannay, Rosie Bufton & Zaru Jonson.

‘Where I’m Coming From’ was set up in August 2017 by Hanan Issa and Durre Shahwar as an open mic series to predominantly but not exclusively promote Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) writers and voices in Wales. As well as showcasing upcoming creatives, the series also aims to incorporate talks and debates with the aim of bridging the gap between local communities, writers, artists, and organisations.

All profits go to Where I’m Coming From’s future activity.

Wire-stitched, approx. A5 

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