LUMIN is at the intersection of curation, collaboration and collectivity. Initiated by Sadia Pineda Hameed and Beau W Beakhouse in 2018, LUMIN forms an open collective to consider language, print, radio, pedagogy and place. They publish LUMIN Journal, a space for anti-colonial and experimental writing and art, intermittently broadcast as Local 37 (formerly LUMIN Radio), and undertake residencies, research and other long-term projects.
email: @luminpress

Recently LUMIN have been researching the relationship between autonomy, friendship and collaboration with an international group of artists, designing and developing broadcasting infrastructure for a decentralised itinerant radio station, and undertaking text based dialogues with artists and writers for future publication. This project was part of Casgleb and is based in part at Abergavenny Railway Station, supported by Peak. They have also been supported by the Books Council of Wales to develop their publishing model and equitable working practices, supporting the creation of new work by writers of colour. In June 2022 they curated a 24 hour live broadcast across the solstice for Solstice Radio supported by Made in Roath, looking at the relationship between art, labour, collectivity, poetry and social change. Throughout the latter half of 2022 they developed a situated version of their syllabus and pedagogy programme supported by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Literature Wales and Ways of Working, previously supported by Civic Square.

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